Global Business Services

In the role as Associate System Engineer, you will design Applications, write Code, test, debug and maintain Software Applications across various platforms and technologies. We are looking for exceptional candidates who are enterprising, have good interpersonal skills, have the ability to operate in large teams that work closely with clients. You must also have sound time management skills, ability to handle multiple tasks, prioritize and deliver on time. Strong verbal and written communication skills, a passion to learn and apply technical prowess to solve Client problems are a must. As new recruits, you will partner and network with the global IBM community while working alongside Top Talent.


Strategic Outsourcing -Global Delivery Centre

In the role as Technical Support Associate, Responsible for providing support for problem and change tickets for client support operations (e.g., storage systems or server).  Incumbent assesses situation to determine problem facing the client.  Problems are not routine or standardized and the creation of documentation explaining the solution to the problem is required.  Responsible for implementing changes to the client’s environment.

GTS SO- Service Delivery

In the role as Technical Support Executive, you will provide Voice Support to IBM Internal End Users and External Commercial Account End Users across North America, EMEA & AP. The job will require you to handle inbound calls / emails / chats regarding technical issues for end users.




Leadership roles

IBM’s LEAD Growth Markets program offers high-potential MBA graduates a unique opportunity to accelerate career development in different career paths - leading towards a position in critical business or technical leadership job roles within the Growth Markets.

You will be placed in one of the four career paths – Sales, Consulting, Delivery or Technical - that best aligns with your experience, capabilities and professional goals. Over three years, you will have the opportunity to rotate through different assignments within the aligned career path to build breadth and depth of required capabilities.

In this program you will take advantage of IBM's world-class leadership development programs, networking experiences, and be closely mentored and coached by senior IBM executives.



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Architect Consultant Enterprise Operations
Product Services Research Hardware Development & Support
Software Development & Support
Technical Services
IT Specialist
Project Management
Services Solutions Management  
Architect architect
Architects design the system needed to run a client’s business. They work closely with clients to understand what is needed, then map together a plan for hardware, software applications and services for technical support to build and maintain. They typically do the high level design, including some sort of cost/benefit analysis. They need to understand both the client’s business and have at least a general understanding of all the components. Other names for architect are – systems architect, systems designer, systems engineer, and more.
Consultant consultant
Consultants work with clients to help them improve their businesses. They may advise on strategy, organizational change management, technology configurations (hardware, software, etc) or using ‘big data’ among others. They help a client figure out how to use Information Technology to maximize return on investment. Typically, they study the client’s situation, analyzing priorities and create a set of recommendations for them.
Enterprise Operations Operations
These systems or technical support people manage the systems IBM uses to manage its business. People managing site locations or providing operational support are included here.
Hardware Development & Support hardware development
Hardware Development and Support professionals design, develop and support IBM hardware and technology products including systems, servers, storage, semiconductors and emerging technologies.
IT Specialist It_specialist
IT Specialists build the systems that the architects design. They make sure everything really works and do problem solving to keep things running if issues arise. They might be on a client site, or at a centralized data center.
Product Services product services
These people do on-site installation, maintenance and repair of IBM and multi-vendor systems/components, including hardware, software, networking products, and operating systems. They focus on client satisfaction by advising on preventive maintenance, configuration, operation and environmental factors which may impact product performance or impair customer’s IT operation.
Project Management ibm-furniture-project
PM’s lead and are accountable for the success of a project. They are responsible for the full project management process: initializing and planning projects, developing project cost structure, tracking and reporting project deliverables, managing risk, managing contracts, reporting and communications.
Research ibm research
Research professionals work on IT hardware, software and services with an objective of applying the research to transform businesses in a variety of industries. Research projects cover a wide range of exploratory work including physical and materials sciences, semiconductors, systems and storage technology, programming, scientific and technical applications, mathematics and speech technologies.
Services Solutions Management service solutions manager
In technical services, these people work to understand what can make a client successful and create a solution using IBM’s (and possibly other’s) hardware, software and services. Their job is to ensure that cost case is mutually advantageous and close the deal.
Software Development & Support software development
These professionals design, develop, test and provide technical support on a wide range of IBM product software for businesses including operating systems, networks, middleware, security, and IBM software solutions.
Technical Services technical services
Technical services includes installing, operating, planning and configuring (managing) complex client information systems, products, or networking systems/components. Services may also include the integrating and testing of hardware/software solutions. They are most likely on a client location and often co-located with other vendors.

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